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Welcome to Palms Middle School!

Palms Middle School is the best middle school in Los Angeles. We're a neighborhood school, a School For Advanced Studies, and a Gifted/High Ability Magnet SchoolPlease read our Principal's Message and explore our website to learn about Palms Middle School.

We are proud of our academic program and the education we offer, including our Academic Performance Index (API) score of 878, as well as our cultural, artistic, and other programs. The Palms Magnet has been repeatedly recognized by the Los Angeles Unified School District as a Model of Excellence.

Ten reasons your family should choose Palms Middle School!

What's Happening

Friday August 22: ELAC and SSC Orientations

Friday August 29: No School (Admissions Day)

Monday September 1: No School (Labor Day)

Wednesday September 3: After-School Tutoring Begins

September 5 to 14: Book Fair

See the calendar for all upcoming events.

What's New at Palms

What to Do if You Lose or Forget Something

four backpacksEveryone loses things now and then. For students, learning to manage your own school items is part of the Middle School experience.


  • Don't panic if you lose or forget something. It will probably turn up.
  • Check for lost items in the last place you had them, e.g., classrooms or the quad, then check the Lost and Found locations.
  • Remember that parents, teachers, and other adults are not the ones in charge of your stuff. You are!
  • If you find items that somebody else has lost, turn them in to the Lost and Found. They'll be really glad you did!


  • Put your child's name on jackets, sweaters, backpacks, and other items they carry.
  • Discourage students from bringing unnecessary items to school, especially valuables.
  • Let students be responsible for their own possessions whenever possible. They will soon figure out what to do if they misplace or forget something and they will learn from the experience.
  • Distinguish routine mistakes from emergencies. Come to school immediately if your child has forgotten medicine or something else required for their health or safety.


Posted by: Neil Cuadra
Published: 8/21/14

Who's My Counselor?

help buttonStudents can speak with their counselor about almost anything that concerns them, from academics to personal problems. Parents with concern's about their child's success or well-being at school should contact their child's teachers and/or their child's counselor.

Ms. Weissmann (in the Magnet Office) is the counselor for students in the Magnet School.

For students in the Home School or the Honors Program, your grade level determines your counselor:

6h grade: Ms. Price, Counseling Office

7th grade: Mr. Acevedo, Counseling Office

8th grade: Ms. Perez, Counseling Office

For more details, or to send a message to your counselor, see the Counselors page and the Counselors Corner.

Posted by: Neil Cuadra
Published: 8/20/14

Like Us On Facebook!

Friends of Palms on Facebook

Now you can get Palms news and updates via Facebook! Just 'like" our new Friends of Palms Middle School Page on Facebook and "follow" to receive updates.

If you have something you would like to have posted, please message the page.

Thank you to volunteer Bettina Sherick for setting up our Facebook page.

Posted by: Neil Cuadra
Published: 8/19/14

Check Out our PTSA Page!

PTA appleThe Palms PTSA page covers the basics of our Parent Student Teacher Association, including the purpose. benefits, and how to join.

We update the page regularly so you can get the latest news and tips from the California PTA and the National PTA, as well as our local Tenth District PTA.

Refer to the PTSA page to keep up with PTA tips and publications, including the PTA Parent, Health Tidbits, PTA Connects, and One Voice newsletters and Our Children magazine.

Posted by: Neil Cuadra
Published: 8/18/14

Introducing ELAC and SSC

peopleThe English Learners Advisory Committee (ELAC) oversees the development, implementation, and evaluation of Palms programs for Limited English-Proficient students. The Committee gives parents an opportunity to learn of the academic programs that are available at Palms and to influence budget decisions.

The School Site Council (SSC) oversees academic instructional programs and spending of categorical funds, as well as the use of Title I funds for economically disadvantages students. The council sets and reviews school goals, school improvements, and makes recommendations in other areas.

Orientations for both ELAC and SSC will be held on Friday August 22 at 8:15am in the Library (see campus map). Elections to these committees will be two weeks later on Friday September 5. All parents are welcome at the meetings.

Posted by: Neil Cuadra
Published: 8/17/14

Family Donation Drive Begins

Palms FiestaThe Palms Middle School Family Annual Donation Drive has begun. The drive got off to a great start with the Palms Fiesta kickoff party, thanks to Lori Berman, Kelley Reynolds, and Sheri Kaiserman.

Over 40 Palms parents enjoyed a Fiesta dinner, drinks, and desserts, while meeting Palms staff members and other Palms parents, listening to music, and making donations that will help Friends of Palms support our children's education. Everyone had fun and some parents won prizes in a drawing too!

Friends of Palms raises funds in support of tutoring, the Art in the Afternoon program, field trips, supplies for art, science, and P.E. classes, Camp Palms, the Library, front-door supervision, computer support, and more! Our goal this year is to raise at least $85,000.

Every Palms student benefits from the Family Annual Donation Drive, so every Palms family should donate what they can each year.

Fill out the Family Annual Donation form today!

Posted by: Neil Cuadra
Published: 8/16/14

Attendance and Absences

Students can't learn unless they are at school, so every student and every family should do their best to avoid missing school.

Illnesses are inevitable, so most students will miss school now and then, but the following tips will help students maintain the highest possible attendance rate:

  • Be on time every day!
  • Schedule appointments after school, on weekends, or during school breaks.
  • If an appointment during school hours is unavoidable, make sure your child is at school before and after the appointment.
  • Avoid picking up students during their P.E. period.
  • Let the school know of scheduled absences ahead of time.
  • After an absence, submit an absence note with the required information.

See the Attendance and Absences page for more details.

Posted by: Neil Cuadra
Published: 8/14/14

More news for parents...

Keep up with the latest PTA news and newsletters on our PTSA page!

logo photos family picnic on the quad pop art project Palms mural on side of building computer classroom sculpture by Morris Bear Squire Connecting Cultures Exhibit 2011 exercise room basketball courts Book Fair in progress mural about Palms Pride Camp Palms photos poster: UCLA DNA Conference garden outside the School Library students holding fingers together art from our Art in the Afternoon program walkway near the lunch court photos photos Plate sculpture physical education field photos Palms gym mural
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