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Welcome to Palms Middle School!

Palms Middle School is the best middle school in Los Angeles. We're a neighborhood school, a School For Advanced Studies, and a Gifted/High Ability Magnet School, for grades 6 through 8. Please read our Principal's Message and explore our website to learn about Palms Middle School. To find what you are looking for, see the Site Map, use the Search box to the right, or simply ask us!

If your family is new to Palms or you're considering Palms for your child, start in our Welcome section.



Palms Middle School Class of 2016

The Palms Middle School Eighth Grade Class of 2016 is leaving middle school behind after today's Culmination ceremonies.

We wish them luck, but we know that they've gotten at excellent education at Palms and will do well in their chosen high schools.

Congratulations to the Class of 2016!


TopSail Voyage 2016

On June 1 to 3, 2016, twenty-seven Palms 6th graders participated in the annual TopSail Voyage to Catalina and back, organized by Mr. Clair.

The program brings biology, mathematics, physics, geography, history, literature and the environment to life in the "classroom of the sea."

Visit the Sailing page for a trip slideshow, including students taking a "leap of faith" into the ocean!


drop-off laneA message from Pastor William D. Smart Jr., this year's Drop-Off Lane Co-Coordinator:

Greetings Palms Families:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the parents who volunteered to do drop-off lane this year. It was a long year and you were very dutiful in your execution of the responsibility.

I really need to acknowledge Gigi Whittiker who was there on every day setting up the cones on both sides and making sure there was always a presence on the Woodbine side.

All of you made a great team and thank you for a wonderful year.

May your child's future be bright and prosperous.

Palms Middle School thanks William and Gigi for keeping our students safe every morning!


AED unit in the Boys P.E. Office

Our school now has a second automated external defibrillator (AED) unit for emergencies. In case of sudden cardiac arrest, the P.E. teachers can use either of our defibrillators. They underwent AED training just this week.


The Atlantic article

The East West Players, an Asian American theater group, performed a production named The Story of Bhagat Singh Thind for Palms students this semester (see flyer).

In attendance was Audrey Cleo Yap, a multimedia journalist, entertainment reporter, and blogger based in Los Angeles. She has just published an article in "The Atlantic" that discusses the performance and mentions Palms Middle School several times.

The article title is Can Theater Save Minority History in U.S. Classrooms?

Read the article online

Download a copy

The East West Players performed at Palms last year as well.


Dogtag SummerThe California Young Reader Medal (CYRM) program encourages recreational reading.

Last year's winner in the Middle School category was Dogtag Summer by author Elizabeth Partridge.

This year's nominees: Intermediate Category

This year's nominees: Middle School Category

Check out the book descriptions with your children. They make great picks for summer reading!


I Voted stickerTuesday June 7, 2016 is the California Presidential Primary Election. Be sure to vote, and to explain why you vote to your children.

District, state, and national representatives for the Palms neighborhood can be found on our Representatives page.

Palms students in the Sixth Grade Leadership and Leadership electives are leaders too, with Student Body Officers elected every September.


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