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Welcome to Palms Middle School!

Palms Middle School is the best middle school in Los Angeles. We're a neighborhood school, a School For Advanced Studies, and a Gifted/High Ability Magnet SchoolPlease read our Principal's Message and explore our website to learn about Palms Middle School.

We are proud of our academic program and the education we offer, including our Academic Performance Index (API) score of 878, as well as our cultural, artistic, and other programs. The Palms Magnet has been repeatedly recognized by the Los Angeles Unified School District as a Model of Excellence.

Ten reasons your family should choose Palms Middle School!

What's Happening

Monday September 1: No School (Labor Day)

Wednesday September 3: After-School Tutoring Begins

September 5 to 14: Book Fair

Friday September 5: ELAC Elections & Meeting

Friday September 5: SSC Elections

Tuesday September 9: First Friends of Palms/PTSA Meeting

See the calendar for all upcoming events.

What's New at Palms

New Board of Education Member

Dr. George J. McKenna
This week Dr. George J. McKenna began his term as a member of the LAUSD Board of Education. Dr. McKenna represents District 1, which includes Palms Middle School. He is serving out the remainder of the 10-month term left vacant after the death of Marguerite Poindexter Lamotte in December 2013.

See our Representatives page for contact information for Dr. McKenna and our other LAUSD, city, state, and national representatives.

Posted by: Neil Cuadra
Published: 8/29/14

Health Tidbits Newsletter

PTA appleThe Health Tidbits Newsletter is brought to you by PTSA. Watch the PTSA page for announcements about each issue.

The August 2014 issue had information about storing medicine, avoiding hot cars, improving school attendance, and recognizing teen depression.

The September 2014 issue has information about health insurance opportunities, dangerous teen trends, smart snacks, family routines for starting school, a health-event calendar, and more.

Posted by: Neil Cuadra
Published: 8/28/14

Contacting Teachers

Palms teachersWould you like to talk with one of your child's teachers?

You're welcome to:

  • phone the Main Office at 310-253-7600 and leave a message.
  • send a message to a teacher by clicking the envelope icon next to their name on the Teachers page.
  • come to Back to School Night on September 11 and ask the teacher to schedule a conference.

If you want to schedule a conference with your child's teacher, here's how:

  • For a 6th grade student: Ask the teacher for a conference. If you want to meet with your child's two core teachers together, let one teacher know and he or she will coordinate with the other teacher.
  • For a 7th or 8th grade student: Contact your student's counselor, by phone or by clicking the envelope icon next to their name on the Counselors page. Ask them to schedule a conference with a specific teacher. They will coordinate with the teacher.
Posted by: Neil Cuadra
Published: 8/26/14

Volunteering at Palms

Garden-Day-3.jpgThere are countless ways you can participate as a volunteer at Palms. Whether you prefer planting a garden, baking cookies, or helping plan events, there's something just right for you.

Every parent should pick at least one way to help out, whether it's volunteering on a regular basis or helping with a single event.


Which would you like to do?

  • Help with the Book Fair, Family Picnic, Dining for Dollars, Reflections Art Program, Teacher/Staff Luncheons, Dodger Day, or Eighth Grade Culmination
  • Participate in campus beautification and cleanup
  • Help sell Palms t-shirts, Westside Saver Card, or PTSA memberships
  • Help with our fundraising drives or think of your own fundraisers
  • Write news for this website
  • Sort Orientation Packets as they come back to school
  • Plan Dodger Day
  • Translate flyers to other languages
  • Accompany parents and students on Visitor Day tours
  • Help Palms win grants
  • Run a recycling drive
  • Help manage the morning drop-off lanes
  • Help supervise students during break and lunch

Make your choices and fill out the Parent Volunteer Form today!

Posted by: Neil Cuadra
Published: 8/25/14

The Difference Between Friends of Palms and PTSA

Join the Palms PTSAFriends of Palms and PTSA are separate non-profit organizations, although they share monthly meetings and both serve our school. They each have board members and welcome your active participation.

As a Palms parent you are automatically a member of Friends of Palms. The focuses of Friends of Palms are:

PTSA requires a membership payment and asks each member of your family to join. The focuses of PTSA are:

Posted by: Neil Cuadra
Published: 8/24/14

What to Do if You Lose or Forget Something

four backpacksEveryone loses things now and then. For students, learning to manage your own school items is part of the Middle School experience.


  • Don't panic if you lose or forget something. It will probably turn up.
  • Check for lost items in the last place you had them, e.g., classrooms or the quad, then check the Lost and Found locations.
  • Remember that parents, teachers, and other adults are not the ones in charge of your stuff. You are!
  • If you find items that somebody else has lost, turn them in to the Lost and Found. They'll be really glad you did!


  • Put your child's name on jackets, sweaters, backpacks, and other items they carry.
  • Discourage students from bringing unnecessary items to school, especially valuables.
  • Let students be responsible for their own possessions whenever possible. They will soon figure out what to do if they misplace or forget something and they will learn from the experience.
  • Distinguish routine mistakes from emergencies. Come to school immediately if your child has forgotten medicine or something else required for their health or safety.


Posted by: Neil Cuadra
Published: 8/21/14

Who's My Counselor?

help buttonStudents can speak with their counselor about almost anything that concerns them, from academics to personal problems. Parents with concern's about their child's success or well-being at school should contact their child's teachers and/or their child's counselor.

Ms. Weissmann (in the Magnet Office) is the counselor for students in the Magnet School.

For students in the Home School or the Honors Program, your grade level determines your counselor:

6h grade: Ms. Price, Counseling Office

7th grade: Mr. Acevedo, Counseling Office

8th grade: Ms. Perez, Counseling Office

For more details, or to send a message to your counselor, see the Counselors page and the Counselors Corner.

Posted by: Neil Cuadra
Published: 8/20/14

More news for parents...

Keep up with the latest PTA news and newsletters on our PTSA page!


Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day

Parents: What's Your Choice?

Every Palms parent should choose their preferred way to help their school, through volunteering, donations, and participation.

Fill out the Parent Volunteer Form today!

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  • Attend the monthly Friends of Palms/PTSA meetings
  • Show your Palms Pride!

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