Palms Middle School

Campus Artwork

Murals by City Year Los Angeles

Supporters of City Year Los Angeles painted more than a dozen murals around campus in December 2013. The murals brought both color and inspiration to our campus. They reflect the culture and environment of the campus community. City Year is a national, education-focused, nonprofit organization founded in 1988 that partners with public schools and teachers to help keep students in school and on track to succeed.

Sculptures by Morris Squire

Morris Bear Squire was a working artist and philanthropist in Santa Barbara, California. His artwork stems from an extensive history of world travel as well as decades of practice in human psychology. Squire's work with lacquer was the culmination of his social integrity, which he nurtured through escapades to the Orient and beyond.

Since September 2011 two of his sculptures have been on long-term loan to Palms Middle School:

  • "Plate", in the Library courtyard. Completed in 2004, it was constructed out of rebar, metal mesh covered in concrete, and painted.
  • "Peace", in the 6th grade area just behind the Auditorium, was constructed out of rebar covered in concrete with the addition of painted metal. The Chinese symbols and letters represent peace.

The sculptures were dedicated on October 11, 2011.  Morris Bear Squire passed away in March 2014.

Other Murals

How many of our other murals can you spot on campus?

  • Front door entryway
  • Outside the auditorium
  • Over the gym
  • Inside the gym
  • Outside the Library: "Welcome to Palms" by Alma Lopez, 1993
  • In the 6th grade area: "Evolution" by Dan Kuffel
  • In the Student Cafeteria, by R.L. Vaserberg and Hillar Kaplan-New, 2004
Palms gym mural Welcome to Palms mural cafeteria mural Evolution mural, panel 1 Evolution mural, panel 2 Evolution mural, panel 3 Evolution mural, panel 4 Palms gym mural cafeteria mural Palms mural on side of building mural on auditorium Palms gym mural

Artwork That Changes Frequently

You'll find new artwork by Palms student in display cases around campus.

From posters to drawings to models to sculptures, they reflect the classwork that students are currently doing.

The displays change from month to month, so keep your eyes open!

See more student artwork on these pages:

Also in the Library Garden

sculpture of students reading