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Ms. Tynan's Students Cook with an Expert

Cooking lesson led by Jayla Hill
Cooking lesson led by Jayla Hill

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Every Friday, Ms. Tynan's students cook and prepare dishes from mac&cheese to quesadillas to scrambled eggs.

On a recent Friday they had a lesson they won't soon forget. Our own Jayla Hill, an excellent cook who appeared on the popular 'Chopped Junior' TV show, led their weekly cooking lesson.

Jayla engaged the students in a hands-on, from-scratch method to making delicious mozzarella sticks that students can now make at home with their parents.

Ms. Tynan said:

I have never seen my students so excited. They love cooking on Fridays, but knowing Jayla was coming to cook with them was like a celebrity coming to our room. The students had been shown Jayla’s "Chopped Junior” episode the previous week. So, one week they see her on TV, and the next week she is teaching them how to prepare a dish!

I think one of the reasons this was such a successful event was because a peer of theirs not only taught the lesson, but seemed so knowledgeable and comfortable in the kitchen, that it made my students more excited about their own possibilities as junior chefs at home.

Posted by: Neil Cuadra Published:3/17/17
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