Where Your Donations Go

School budgets are tighter than ever and many of the programs we want for our students are no longer covered by our district. To ensure that Palms Middle School is able to continue to provide enriching programs and services for our students, Friends of Palms must raise the money each year to fund them. Every dollar you donate goes to provide services and programs that benefit ALL Palms students. These include:

  • Computing devices
  • Computer Lab
  • Field trips
  • After-school homework help
  • Arts programs, including "Art in the Afternoon"
  • Library/Librarian
  • Classroom supplies
  • Campus beautification
  • Campus security
  • Office support
  • and more!

Every dollar counts! We need 100% participation, with each family giving whatever they can. If you've donated before, please consider increasing your contribution. If you've never donated, now is the time.

See also our Family Annual Donation page for our biggest fundraiser of the year, and our Fundraising page for information about other school fundraisers.

Donate now by one of these methods

Donation Methods
To donate online by credit or debit card or PayPal Click the Donate button on the upper right ⇗
To donate by mail with a check or credit card Click here to go to our Family Annual Donation page
To donate at school with a check or credit card
To become a Platinum, Gold, or Silver Supporter