Palms Library

Students use the library for reading, researching, studying, browsing, and checking out books and magazines, for quiet group work, and to get homework help. Students come for class lessons in the library and to do research.

Library computers

New Library computers purchased in 2015

Library Information
Hours 7:30am to 4:30pm. The library is open most days before school, at break, at lunch, and after school, but not after school on Tuesdays or Minimum Days.
Check-outs Books and magazines are checked out for 2 weeks and may be renewed. Some reference books are checked out overnight. Students may check out books and magazines at any time during the day.
Library cards Your picture I.D. is also your library card. It can be used to check out books but is not required.
Internet access Supervised Internet access is sometimes available. This privilege depends on proper online behavior and on having a signed Acceptable Use Form on file.
Fines 10 cents per school day, not counting absences and non-school days. The book or magazine must be checked in first; fines can be paid anytime afterwards. Students must pay the cost of lost books.
Overdue notices Notices are sent to all homerooms. The homeroom teacher will remind students of any overdue books. When the book is returned and the fine is paid, students will receive a clearance slip to take to your homeroom teacher.
School activities Each student's library record must be cleared before they can participate in some activities and at the end of each school year.