Palms Middle School

Deciding which elective to take?
Talk to your counselor!

6th Grade Courses and Electives

Required Courses
English/Language Arts 6
Mathematics 6
Science/Health 6
Physical Education
Elective Courses
Category Elective Requires the approval of
General Brain Kinesthetic  
  Design Craft  
  Elective Wheel Year (four 10-week classes)  
  English Language Development Intervention  
  Logic Mr. Kravets
Leadership Sixth Grade Leadership (see Note 1) 5th grade teacher
  Elective Wheel Semester (two 10-week classes, see Note 1)  
Music Chorus  
  Beginning Winds  
  Beginning Strings  
  Band Ms. West and audition
  Orchestra Ms. West and audition


Note 1: Sixth Grade Leadership and Elective Wheel Semester are a pair. Students take one semester of Sixth Grade Leadership and one semester of Elective Wheel.

Students can indicate their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd elective choices when they meet with their counselor before starting 6th grade at Palms. The counselors will try to accommodate each student's preferences, although not everyone can have their first choice.