Palms Middle School

Family members, including siblings, are welcome!


father and daughter

Open House

Open House is held during Spring Semester. Parents, students, and family members are invited to visit the student's classrooms, where classwork and projects are typically on display. You can visit any classroom during the 2-hour event. If you don't know your child's schedule, download the form on the right and have them fill it in.

Students can show their families what they've been doing in class, introduce them to their teachers, and are welcome to visit any classroom during the 2-hour period. We hope your visit to our classrooms will give you a glimpse of all the hard work and effort by our students and faculty during the school year.

While you are on campus for Open House, visit the Connecting Cultures Exhibit in the Library too!


Thursday, April 14, 2016:


  • Elementary school-age siblings are not only welcome but may find it especially helpful to see what middle school classrooms are like.
  • Teachers are present at Open House but this is not the time for Parent-Teacher conferences.  If you would like a private or group conference, ask if there is a conference sign-up list or see the Appointments page.
  • For the date of Open House each year, check the School Calendar and watch for news announcements.

Seventh Grade Parents

If you and your 7th grader are interested in the Eighth Grade Class Trip to the East Coast for next year, in March 2017, please come to Mr. Nicholson's classroom (Room 210 upstairs in the main building) at either 4:30pm, before Open House, or 7:05pm, right after Open House.

Details about next year's trip are on the Eighth Grade Class Trip 2017 page.


Parking will be available on the physical education field on Palms Boulevard. Please DO NOT park your vehicles in the faculty parking lot on Woodbine Street.

ice cream coneHot-Dog-on-a-Stick and a Kona shaved ice and ice cream truck will be at Open House, as a Friends of Palms fundraiser.

Don't stress about feeding the family before coming to Open House. Have fun food at school!