Palms Middle School


Palms has participated in the TopSail Youth Program of the Los Angeles Maritime Institute since the 2004-2005 school year.  The program enriches conventional school curricula by bringing biology, mathematics, physics, geography, history, literature and the environment to life in the real world classroom of the sea.

In March and April, three groups of sixth grade students each have a one-day learning experience on a tall ship. They learn to hoist the sail, climb the rigging, do simple navigation, and take part in other activities.

In May or June, twenty-seven selected students participate in a multi-day voyage to Santa Catalina and back.

Altogether, 90 to 100 students experience at least one day on a tall ship. If you would like to learn more, get in touch with Mr. Clair.

Spring 2018 Sailing Trips
Dates TBA One-Day Sailing Trip
Dates TBA Channel Islands Five-Day Sailing Trip

TopSail Voyage, June 2016

Catalina Trip, June 2011

Sailing to Catalina, June 2011


TopSail Youth Program

TopSail Youth Program TopSail Youth Program TopSail Youth Program TopSail Youth Program

Parents who would like to help fund the TopSail program should support the recycling program run by Sixth Grade Leadership.

Have your child bring plastic bottles and aluminum cans to Room 56 (see campus map) and participate in our E-waste Events.