Palms Middle School


Book Fair Proceeds
Fall Gross Proceeds
2016 $14,350 $3,900
2015 $12,000 $4,000
2014 $13,000 $3,600


Proceeds are used to buy new Library materials.


Because the Book Fair is in the Library, after-school tutoring will take place in the Student Cafeteria during the week of the Book Fair.

Book Fair

Palms Book Fair is Coming!

The Book Fair is a week-long event in the Fall arranged by Friends of Palms. It usually coincides with the Back to School Family Picnic if that event is held. This year the Book Fair ran the week of September 12 through September 19.


Fall 2016 Book Fair:

  • Setup: Thursday September 8 and Friday September 9, 2016
  • Teacher Preview: Friday September 9. 2016
  • Book Fair: Monday September 12 to Friday September 16 during Break and Lunch and for 30 minutes after school.
  • Back to School Night: Thursday September 15 (6:00-8:00pm)
  • Cleanup: Monday September 19 (morning)

Download: 2014 Book Fair Flyer


Volunteers, we need YOU!  We will have 90 minute shifts throughout the school day, so please join in as you are able.  If you cannot stay a full 90 minutes, just note that on the signup. Email Stacey with any questions.

To volunteer for this event, please sign up here



2016-2017 Book Fair chair: Michelle Robinson

Book Fair Book Fair sci-Fi books at the Book Fair Book Fair Book Fair Book Fair Book Fair

Palms partners with a book vendor to sell books and related items. The books are selected to suit the middle school age group. Proceeds of the Book Fair support purchases of supplies and new books for the library.

The Book Fair is held in the library and is open throughout the day and on selected evenings. Students usually visit the Book Fair one day during their English class and can also visit during Break and Lunch.

The Friday of the previous week is usually a teacher preview day. Most English teachers create wishlists to help build their classroom libraries.

Parents are invited to visit the Book Fair whenever it is open, where they can:

  • help themselves by buying books their children are interested in
  • find great books to give as gifts
  • help students by buying books from a teacher wishlist as a donation to that teacher's classroom
  • help the Palms library, since this is the library's major fundraiser for book purchases

Parents who can donate an hour of their time during to help with the Book Fair should contact Friends of Palms.

For other library information, see the Library page.