Palms Middle School

Sixth Grade Leadership

6th grade students can take 6th Grade Leadership, where they are introduced to the characteristics, attributes, and skills that encompass good leadership. The class holds discussions and debates, plans activities, and learns about famous leaders. Leadership students write journals and are also directly involved in the Palms recycling program.

Sixth Grade Leadership helps organize or participate in the following school programs:

Students who take 6th Grade Leadership also take Elective Wheel for a semester.

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Kindness Campaign

6th Grade Leadership leads a Kindness Campaign in which Palms staff members hand out Kindness Coupons for acts of kindness they see.

The coupons are placed in a box and a prize is raffled off every other week. Parent are encouraged to donate suitable prizes; contact Mr. Clair if you can contribute a prize.


Famous quotes collected by Leadership students

Kindness Campaign quotes