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High School and College Readiness
Palms and its counselors help students prepare not just for completion of middle school but for what comes next: high school and college.
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8th grade students are encouraged to take the ACT EXLORE Test. LAUSD provides this opportunity to all 8th and 9th graders to help them as they start thinking about future educational and career opportunities. The test is administered at Palms. For details, contact Ms. Cuda in the Counseling Office.

Interested students can also take the PSAT in October.

See also Testing Summary and College and Career-Planning Tests

Community-Building Social: April 2014

Wondering where to go for middle school and then high school? Creating a community school starts with the people in the community!

Parents joined us in April 2014 for our first-ever Palms Middle School–Hamilton High School Community Building Social. The meeting was for parents of 5th and 8th graders considering their children's choices for middle school and high school.

Parents had a unique opportunity to ask questions and get acquainted with Dr. Derek Moriuchi, Principal of Palms Middle School, and Gary Garcia, Principal of Hamilton High School, along with current students.

The adults-only meeting was held at the home of generous Palms parents Sheri and Ken Kaiserman.

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