Palms Middle School

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Friends of Palms Board Members, 2016-2017


  • Friends of Palms President: Cody Ashe-McNalley
  • Friends of Palms Vice President: Maura Howe
  • Friends of Palms Secretary: open position
  • Friends of Palms Treasurer: Larry DeMers
  • PTSA President: Arley Partida

General board members:

  • Lori Berman
  • Joelle Casady
  • Neil Cuadra
  • Astrid Martinez-Fribourg
  • Uttara Natarajan
  • Dorothy Pincus
  • Judy Posner
  • Kelley Reynolds
  • Michele Robinson
  • Stacey Shortt

PTSA Officers, 2016-2017

  • PTSA President: Arley Partida
  • PTSA Vice President, Membership: open position
  • PTSA Auditor: open position
  • PTSA Secretary: open position
  • PTSA Treasurer: Larry Demers

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Committee Chairs, 2016-2017

  • Beautification Chair: open position
  • Book Fair Chair: Michele Robinson
  • Coffee with the Principal Chair: Stacey Shortt
  • Dining for Dollars Co-Chairs: Michele Robinson and Astrid Martinez-Fribourg
  • Drop-Off Lane Coordinator: open position
  • Facebook Manager: Rachel Panush
  • Faculty and Staff Appreciation Chair: Stacey Shortt
  • Family Annual Donation Co-Chairs: Kelley Reynolds, Lori Berman, and Judy Posner
  • Friends of Palms Auditor: open position
  • Grant Writing Chair: Michele Robinson
  • Grocery Store and Box Tops Programs Chair: Leslie Wong
  • Lunchtime Supervision Chair: Nirit Brand
  • Meet & Greet Co-Chairs: Lori Berman and Judy Posner
  • Orientation Packet Document Sorting Chair: Cody Ashe-McNalley
  • Palms Gear Chair: open position
  • Reflections Art Program Chair: Dorothy Pincus
  • Sixth Grade Garden Refurbishing Project: Maura Howe and Astrid Martinez-Fribourg
  • Technology Committee Chair: Neil Cuadra
  • Translators Chair: open position
  • Visitors Days Chair: Gail Torr
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Stacey Shortt
  • Weekly Email Manager: Maura Howe
  • Website Managers: Neil Cuadra and Uttara Natarajan
  • Website Reporters/Editors: Barbara Fellows, Jami Messinger, and Linda Prinzo
  • Westside Saver Card Coordinator: Gail Torr