Palms Middle School

Palms Yahoo Group

The Palms Middle School Community Yahoo Group is a Yahoo Group for discussions among members of our school community:

  • parents and caregivers
  • school staff
  • neighbors
  • community leaders
  • other interested parties

Through group messages, members of the group can

  • ask each other questions 
  • have online discussions about school-related topics
  • coordinate carpooling, ride-sharing or group projects
  • post notices about events of interest
  • provide links to news or articles about education or parenting
  • share resources
  • discuss ways to enhance and support Palms Middle School
  • talk about whatever else YOU want to talk about (in a respectful manner)

How to Join

To join the group via its website:

  • Go to the Palms Community Group web page.
  • Click the  + Join Group  button.
  • A Yahoo! account is required to join this way. You will be prompted to log in or create an account.

To join the group by email (subscribe to the email list):

  • Click here to send an empty email to the "subscribed" address.

To unsubscribe from the email list:

  • Click here to send an empty email to the "unsubscribe" address.

Signing up is free and you can elect to receive individual emails, daily digests or Web access only. If you are having any difficulties joining, please contact us!

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Who's in Charge?

The Palms Middle School Community Yahoo Group is organized by, run by, and moderated by community members. It's an independent forum for support, sharing resources, and connecting. All conversations are meant to be respectful, though we welcome a diversity of perspectives.

We would like to include at least one moderator who is bilingual and one Friends of Palms board member among our moderators. If you'd like to volunteer, or have any technical issues, please contact a group moderator.
If you'd like to start a Palms MS oriented Yahoo Group in another language, we can guide you through that process and share the URL here for others to find.

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