Palms Middle School

Friends of Palms is a 501c3 Non-Profit.

For our Fundraising Information Card see the Friends of Palms page.

T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

Palms sweatshirts can be purchased from the Student Store or at Friends of Palms events.

Sweatshirts cost $25 and come in many sizes.

8th grade students: See the Eighth Grade Downloads page for class t-shirt and sweatshirt information.

2018-2019 Palms Gear chair: please volunteer!

Palms t-shirts, when available, are $10. Our shirts are designed by Palms art teachers!

Sizes are Small (34 to 36), Medium (38 to 40), Large (42 to 44), and X-Large (46 to 48).

You can buy T-shirts at Friends of Palms events while supplies last.

History of Palms T-Shirt Designs


Class of 2017 students

Photo used with permission


2016 T-shirt


2015 Student with T-shirt

Photo used with permission

2015 Palms T-shirt


2013 T-shirt


2013 student with T-shirt

Photo used with permission

Look Cool in a Palms T-Shirt

2016 T-shirt

Stay Warm in a Palms Sweatshirt

Palms Panther sweatshirt

Palms sweatshirt

Photo used with permission.