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Does your child have food allergies?

See the LAUSD Food Service Special Diets page.

Breakfast in the Classroom

Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) provides a free breakfast during Homeroom to all Palms students. The program began in Spring 2014.

The Breakfast in the Classroom program is separate from the free and reduced-priced lunch program. No applications are necessary and breakfast is provided to ALL students. Students do not have to qualify for a free breakfast; all students are eligible regardless of their Title I status.

To accommodate Breakfast in the Classroom, the day begins with a 16-minute Homeroom. Between Period 2 and Period 3 is be a Break period where food is not served. Food is served and consumed during Lunch period. See the Bell Schedule.

BIC is a program of the LAUSD Food Services Division, the Los Angeles Fund for Public Education, California Food Policy Advocates, the LA County Department of Public Health's Choose Health LA Initiative, and community partners.

What's For Breakfast

Breakfast in the Classroom Meal

Each week there are two Hot Food Days and three days of cold items. Milk, juice, and fruit are served daily. Entrées are nourishing and easy to eat quickly and include popular breakfast items such as cold cereal, blueberry muffins and granola bars. On Hot Food Days, a hot entrée such as a breakfast burrito is served. Menus avoid sticky items such as syrup and jams.

The Palms Middle School daily menu can be viewed at We suggest that you bookmark the page for easy reference.

Nutritional information can be found on the LAUSD menu page.

  • I'm In... for Breakfast in the Classroom! flyer: English • Spanish

Breakfast in the Classroom

Frequently Asked Questions

Why serve all students breakfast?

Breakfast in the Classroom increases breakfast participation, which helps students focus and do better in class. Studies show that when schools provide an in-classroom breakfast, students increase their academic performance, decrease absenteeism and tardiness, increase their attention span and focus, have fewer behavioral problems, and reduce their visits to the nurse.

What are the statistics?

Over 553,000 LAUSD students qualify for free or reduced-price breakfast, but only 29% take advantage of the program. That means that over 400,000 students may miss breakfast each day.

When breakfast is offered to students, participation has been found to increase to about 70%.

What does it cost?

All breakfasts are free.

Are students required to participate?

No. Student are never required to take any meal that's offered.

What food is served?

See the left column on this page.

Should I still turn in a Meal Application?

Yes. That's the only way to get free and reduced-price lunch and the only way to ensure that Palms gets the Title I funding it qualifies for.

How long does it take kids to eat in the morning?

About 10 minutes, so there's plenty of time to eat during Homeroom.

Doesn’t the time to eat Breakfast subtract from instructional time?

These minutes are part of the instructional minutes for the day. When kids spend 10 minutes eating breakfast at the beginning of the day, they are more successful the rest of the day. And teachers can use the time to take attendance or lead other classroom activities.

Will students who eat breakfast at home eat breakfast twice?

Students who eat breakfast at home can choose to skip breakfast at school. Studies show that 2% to 3% of students choose to eat twice. But without this program 10% to 20% of students report missing breakfast at least 3 times per week.

What is there no food at during Break period?

Before Breakfast in the Classroom, students often needed something to eat before lunchtime, so food was served at a Nutrition period. Now that all students can eat breakfast at school, there is no longer a Nutrition period.

What if I have more questions?

See the LAUSD FAQ or Contact Palms Middle School.