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Each student at Palms takes elective classes in addition to their basic academic classes. The choices are widespread, from Art to Yearbook.

The elective choices differ by grade level:
To learn more, click your grade level above or view the Elective Preference Form below. Not all electives are offered in any given year. Most electives are limited by grade level. The counselors try to accommodate each student's preferences, although not everyone can have their first choice.
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Elective Preference Forms - click to sign up
5th graders going into 6th grade → 6th grade Elective Preference Form
6th graders going into 7th grade → 7th grade Elective Preference Form
7th graders going into 8th grade → 8th grade Elective Preference Form
Important: You can view the Elective Preference Form as many times as you want while you are considering your electives, but submit the form only once per student.
Other Activities

Students can also join clubs and participate in after-school activities.

See these pages for details:

Past Electives

Elective choices change from year to year.

These electives have been offered in the past but are not currently among the elective choices.

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Deciding which elective to take?
Talk to your counselor!