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Geometry is an after-school class taught by Mr. Kravets.

Geometry deals with shapes, such as rectangles, triangles, circles, and more complex figures.

High school geometry often focuses on the application of formulas to shapes, e.g. finding the area of a polygon. This class has a different focus. Students will learn about Euclidean geometry, the logical arguments called Euclidean proofs, and related terminology such as postulates, theorems, lemmas, and corollaries.

Geometry class is open to all students, but only those with high ability in math are likely to benefit from the class. Typical class size is a dozen students. After working with his students in the Fall, Mr. Kravets can identify students who would likely benefit from this class. He speaks to parents about it at the Fall GATE meeting.

Once the class begins, it is held on Mondays from 3pm to 4pm.

Friends of Palms has covered some of the costs of after-school math classes. Mr. Kravets covers other expenses himself. He teaches Geometry and Logic each year because he knows that students who excel in math need exposure to this level of math.

Interested students should come to Mr. Kravets' room at the after-school class time.

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