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iPad History

Palms has had iPad tablet computers in classrooms since 2011, starting with a few classroom sets that had to be shared.


Students were issued new iPads at the start of the Fall 2020 semester. Distance learning during the coronavirus pandemic required heavy use of iPads by students learning from home.


Palms was selected as one of 47 LAUSD schools to receive iPads in one phase of an all-district iPad program, which was later reduced in scope. Teachers were issued iPads and given professional development. All students were issued iPads in March 2014. Read the letter from the Principal in English or Spanish. The iPads were used for the Common Core Field Test in March and April 2014, after some practice sessions in the preceding weeks. iPads were collected before the end of the school year.


iPads were not used with the teaching curriculum. Instead, iPads were re-distributed to students in February 2015. In Spring 2015 they were again used with the Common Core Field Test, with portable keyboards. Because test-taking methods had not yet been sufficiently tested, the Spring 2014 and Spring 2015 test results were not used to rate or rank schools. Also in this school year, teachers each received an Apple TV media device for their classroom.


iPads were distributed to all Palms students in the Fall semester, after the school's technology plan was approved by the Superintendent. Teachers and students used the iPads as active components of learning. Palms gained much experience with the software that was tested or used.

2016 to Present

iPads are usually distributed to Palms students in September. Students bring them to school each day and take them home each night, using them for classwork and homework and learning how to use them and take care of them responsibly.