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LAUSD School Games

Palms students participate in the LAUSD School Games each year.

The competitions are hosted by Special Olympics Southern California and by the LAUSD Adapted Physical Education Program, who teamed up for the 12th Annual LAUSD Fall Soccer Games on November 30, 2018.

Adapted P.E. teachers offer sports training and athletic competition programs for students with intellectual disabilities and other special needs. Students train for this event, learn through sports competition, and develop all aspects of total fitness needed to compete in any sport. This year's events were the culmination of a six-week soccer training program.

The program promotes the development of life-long fitness skills that will help student athletes lead a more productive and independent life.

Next spring, students will participate in a track and field event.


LAUSD School Games 2021

April 2021, date to be announced

Hawkins High School

825 West 60th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90044

Download the 2018 flyer here.


Steve Choi, Adapted Physical Education teacher

Special Olympics Southern California

LAUSD Adapted Physical Education
LAUSD Games runners