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Past Middle Years Newsletters

PDF files are available for back issues of the Middle Years Newsletter beginning with the September 2008 issue.

Contact Friends of Palms to ask for copies of any or all back issues and we'll get them to you.

2019-2020 Issues
Issue (contact FOP for a copy) Lead Article
September 2019 A good attitude = more learning
October 2019 Brain-friendly studying
November 2019 Tweens: A shifting relationshp 
December 2019 Healthy technology habits
January 2020 Manage homework like a pro
February 2020 Ways to manage stress
March 2020 Responsibility all around
April 2020

Non-fiction reading: the real deal

COVID-19 Special Edition: Support for Parents and Teens

May 2020

Learning that fits in

COVID-19 Special Edition: Learning Activities for Tweens and Teens

2018-2019 Issues
Issue (contact FOP for a copy)     Lead Article
September 2018 A+ Organizing Strategies
October 2018 Tween discipline that works
November 2018 Study secrets–revealed
December 2018 Growing responsibility
January 2019 Everyday math
February 2019 Solid research skills
March 2019 Respect: The 4th R
April 2019 On a roll with reading
May 2019 Keep your brain in gear
2017-2018 Issues
Issue (contact FOP for a copy)                   Lead Article
2017 Bonus Issue  Organized for School Success
September 2017 In gear for a new year
October 2017 Tween push-and-pull
November 2017 Respect all around
December 2017 Be productive!
January 2018 The power to stop bullying
February 2018 Happy to collaborate
March 2018 Planning for standardized tests
April 2018 Electronics: Creating a balance
May 2018 Social summer learning


2016-2017 Issues
Issue (contact FOP for a copy) Lead Article
September 2016 School is priority #1
October 2016 Discipline for tweens
November 2016 Study smart
December 2016 Show Grit
January 2017 Project success
February 2017 Handling tween behavior
March 2017 Reading:  Dig deeper
April 2017 All kinds of kindness
May 2017 Keep on learning
2015-2016 Issues
Issue (contact FOP for a copy) Lead Article
September 2015 Focused and Ready to Learn
October 2015 Homework Problems–Solved
November 2015 My Actions, My Responsibility
December 2015 Reading: On The Case
January 2016 Mixing Up Study Time
February 2016 Motivated From the Inside 
March 2016 Ready for Future Careers
April 2016 Updating the Rules
May 2016 Tuned Into Learning
2014-2015 Issues
Issue (contact FOP for a copy) Lead Article
September 2014 A+ Organizing
October 2014 Rules that Work
November 2014 A Plan for Study Time
December 2014 A Place for Respect
January 2015 Test-Taking Strategies
February 2015 Typical Tween Behavior
March 2015 Revise and Shine
April 2015 Spreading Kindness and Compassion
May 2015 Have a Creative Summer
2013-2014 Issues
Issue (contact FOP for a copy) Lead Article
September 2013 Strategies for Success
October 2013 Put to the Test
November 2013 A Healthy Social Life
December 2013 Tips for Strong Writing
January 2014 Make the Most of Class Time
February 2014 Become More Responsible
March 2014 I Can Cope
April 2014 New Ways to Study
May 2014 Learning That Fits In
2012-2013 Issues
Issue (contact FOP for a copy) Lead Article
September 2012 On Time for a New Year
October 2012 Getting the Most from Study Time
November 2012 Controlling Impulses
December 2012 Paying Attention in Class
January 2013 Goal Getters
February 2013 Working in a Group
March 2013 Discipline for Tweens
April 2013 Steps to Better Research
May 2013 Sunny with a Chance of Learning
2011-2012 Issues
Issue (contact FOP for a copy) Lead Article
September 2011 Organized for success
October 2011 Homework: A change of pace
November 2011 Discipline that works
December 2011 Acts of Kindness
January 2012 Friendly reading
February 2012 I like me!
March 2012 Math for a lifetime
April 2012 What's your style?
May 2012 Warm up to learning
2010-2011 Issues
Issue (contact FOP for a copy) Lead Article
September 2010 Steps to a smooth year
October 2010 Playing by the rules
November 2010 Textbook super sleuths
December 2010 It's all in the family!
January 2011 Study secrets
February 2011 Safe from bullying
March 2011 Taking the reins
April 2011 Working in a group
May 2011 Stretch your child's learning
2009-2010 Issues
Back issues of Middle Years 2009-2010 are not available.
2008-2009 Issues
Issue (contact FOP for a copy) Lead Article
September 2008 All-day success
October 2008 Focus on responsibility
November 2008 Excited to learn
December 2008 Making sense of reading
January 2009 Stress busters
February 2009 Homework: Whose work?
March 2009 Kindness: It's contagious
April 2009 Discipline that fits
May 2009 Summer learning