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Student Body Election

The Student Body Election is held in October. All Palms students are members of the Palms Associated Student Body and can vote in the election of their Student Body Officers.

During the campaign, candidates create campaign slogans, make campaign posters, and give campaign speeches.

Who Are the Candidates?

Candidates are students in the 7th and 8th grade Leadership elective class. See your counselor if you are interested in Leadership.

For the latest Student Body Officers, see the Leadership page.

Ballot box

Student Body Offices

Which position will you run for?


The Student Body President (an 8th grader) presides at Student Body assemblies, represents the school to the school district, and is a member of the Local School Leadership Council (LSLC).

Vice President

The Student Body Vice President oversees noon playground activities, is a member of the Local School Leadership Council (LSLC), and takes over when the President is unavailable.


The Student Body Secretary prepares the daily agenda, records Leadership class minutes and daily attendance, and handles Student Body correspondence.


The Student Body Treasurer keeps Student Body financial records, signs expenditure authorizations, coordinates fundraisers, and works with the school's financial manager.

Commissioner of Activities

The Student Body Commissioner of Activities coordinates social events managed by Leadership class.

Commissioner of Athletics

The Student Body Commissioner of Athletics, elected in some school years, coordinates athletic events managed by Leadership class.